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Big Bend People & Goats, Inc. has dual objectives in community development, suggested by its name PEOPLE AND GOATS and its logo from its beginning PEOPLE AND GOAT DEVELOPMENT. The over-riding objective is community development – to provide an alternative in development within the Big Bend area – the initiative coming from self-reliant people drawing most heavily upon their own resources and adopting an appropriate research approach for its objectives, identified as COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH.

A depressed livestock industry ideally would be restored in the revitalized life and culture of people in the Big Bend area of West Texas. Development opportunities, however, have been restricted by increased centralization of the economy, manipulated and controlled by an active opposition. Resisting that opposition to local development has provided opportunity to assess regional and national problems in agricultural developments and to identify and clarify the complex social realties behind current social problems. Without compromising collective goals or eliminating essential components, the total enterprise has been brought down to the scale of resources available to it.

Celebrating the livestock heritage of goat raisers in the Big Bend had been an over-riding purpose in our development strategies, attempting to cope with the challenge to forces that depress the revitalization efforts. We have had successes, at one time becoming so much a part of the public life that in 1997 we were even invited to be a presence on the courthouse lawn during the dedication of a remodeled county building.

An earlier statement of the primary purpose of Big Bend People & Goats, Inc., had been: to restore goatkeeping in a geographic region with areas in great economic need, helping to increase the quality of life in families, communities and traditional activities, and doing these through education, research, and support networks for incubating enterprises that create jobs and foster people participation and a cooperative spirit. Realizing those goals does not appear to be realistic until much more support for local development for local consumers gets much more momentum, reaching a social movement stage.

Adjustments have been made. More attention has been given to research to understand what is happening. Papers have been prepared and presented at academic conferences covering development issues. Also the corporation's service area has been expanded to include a three county area in Mexico, for comparisons between opportunities and issues in an "overdeveloped" social environment with that in a "developing country." Current research is drawing upon the "sociological imagination" studies of C. Wright Mills, Bernard Phillips, James A. Corbett, and others who promise greater understanding and more discoveries by overcoming the fragmentation of knowledge.

Big Bend People & Goats, Inc., (formerly the Big Bend Dairy Goat Association formed on March 12, 1988) is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of Texas on August 10, 1992 and granted 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt status during October, 1993.

The Goat Bulletin is the official publication of Big Bend People & Goats, Inc.



"Lord, my great ambition in this life is to be a goat herder. So, if you can see fit, just give me access to your mountains and deserts, and let me wander about, till it's time to call me home, Lord. And I'll feel blessed, Dear Lord." (A. Kelly Pruitt)


George Floro, with Leo Uher in the background, at the 2010 Goat Awareness Day.


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